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 stomach pain

1, white radish radish cold cough 1, white 6, 15 grams of ginger. lunettes de soleil louis vuitton Water three bowl first radish cooked, add onion, ginger, cook a bowl of soup. Even the residue of a suit. Xuanfei solution table, Huatanzhike. Treating cold cough, phlegm bubble, chills, body tired ache.

2, brown sugar, ginger and jujube Decoction to treat cough
30 grams of brown sugar, ginger 15 grams, 30 grams of red dates.
to three bowls of water and cook until half. Clothing, take tiny sweat more.
expelling wind and cold. Governance colds and coughs, stomach pain, postpartum cold diarrhea, evil Yin et al.

3, coriander soup flat cold and cough (
coriander coriander) 30 grams, sugar 30 grams, 100 grams of rice.
first wash the rice, add boiling soup. Take rice soup three tablespoons and parsley, caramel, stirring after steaming for 10 minutes. Serve hot a service, pay attention to take shelter from the wind cold.
sweating through table. Cough caused by cold treatment.

4, white radish honey cure cold cough
white radish 1, honey 30 grams, white pepper 5, 2 grams of Ephedra.
will wash the radish, sliced, placed in a bowl, pour honey and white pepper, ephedra, steamed for half an hour while hot Dayton clothes, bed see sweat more.
Sweating and cold, cough and phlegm. Treating cold cough.

5, sheep honey cream is consumptive cough, lung disease
cooked Ed Hardy Shirts suet 250 grams, 250 grams of cooked sheep marrow, white sands honey 250 grams, ginger juice 100 ml, Radix Rehmanniae juice 500 ml
suet fried, the boiling; times under the goat spinal cord, and the boiling; times of Rehmannia glutinosa, honey, ginger juice, do not stop stirring, Weihuo boil boiling number into a paste. Daily fasting warm wine notes 1 spoon, or ginger or do porridge can be.
tonic lungs, expelling toxin. Deficiency of Yin fever, guzheng labor heat, consumptive cough Fei ED Hardy femme Wei, emaciated, there Runfei moisturizing effect. < br>
6, fresh pear Fritillaria cough lung cancer
of fresh pear 500 grams, fritillariaend 6 grams, 30 grams of sugar.
peeled pears will be cut open, go nuclear, the Fritillaria powder and sugar filled in, together steamed in True Religion Jeans a bowl. Sooner or later the food.
clearing Christian Louboutin Evening heat and resolving phlegm, Sanjie solution. With a cough or pulmonary abscess, symptoms of chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth,
pharynx dry, yellow phlegm fishy or purulent sputum.

7, Yinma whey hot Zhisou
fresh mare's milk 300 ml, sugar amount.
the horse milk drink with Chaussures Dolce Gabbana Pas Cher sugar boiling;
reportedly, horse milk "thirst therapy hot", a The blood and pulmonary tuberculosis, cough efficacy of
Runzao Zhisou of hot flashes, has a good role of adjuvant therapy.

8, bird's nest soup governance lung deficiency cough

bird's nest 10 grams, 100 grams of rice, 50 grams of crystal sugar.
will put warm water soaked bird's nest, abstract >
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