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 numerous living beings

night, a man at a Buddha, the Buddha sit stand.
: god Buddha, I was a married man, now I fell madly in love with another woman, I really don't know what to do.
Buddha: can you confirm that you now in love with the woman is your life only last a woman?
: yes.
Buddha: you divorce, then marry her.
: but I love the gentle, kind, virtuous, I do have a bit cruel, a little moral.
Buddha: in a marriage without love is cruel and immoral, Coogi Jeans you have fallen in love with other people don't love her, you are right to do this.
: but I love love me, really love me.
Buddha: that she is happy.
: I want to divorce her ed hardy Sale and marry her, she should be very painful how be happy?
Buddha: in the marriage, she also has her love for you, and you in marriage has lost her love, because you Rolex Mens Watches fell in love with someone else, is that possession is happy, lost is painful, so you are suffering people.
: but I want to divorce with her and marry other people, she should lose me, she should be painful. Ralph Lauren femme
Buddha: you are wrong, you just love her marriage in a specific, when you do not exist in this specific time, her love will continue to another specific, because her true love in marriage has never been lost. So she is happy and you is painful.
: she said this life only love me one, she will not fall in love with someone else.
Buddha: so you said?
: I. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.
Buddha: you see three candles your censer before now, it is the brightest.
: I really don't know, it is the same bright.
Buddha: the three candles are like the three women, Sink Faucets one of them is the woman you love now, numerous living beings, women more than Qianbaiwanwan, you connect the three candles that most bright all don't know, wouldn't you now love people find out, why do you make sure you now love this woman as your life only last a woman?
: I. Yes, I am. Yes, I am.
Buddha: you are now holding a candle in front of you, the heart have a look that is the brightest
: of course is the most bright eyes.
Buddha: you put it back, and then have a look that is the brightest
person: I really don't Cheap Boss Shirts see the brightest candle.
Buddha: in fact, the candle you just took it is like the last woman you love now, the so-called love by heart >
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