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 Huaihua >

Girl: "are you in Huaihua?"
male: "yes, I was in Huaihua"
female: "wow... Cheap Burberry Shirts So far away......"
man: (silence...)
female: "Huaihua liberation?"
man: "no, we class with a gun"
female: "the teacher did not say ah?"
male: "teacher with mortar"
female: "not so exaggerated!"
man: "you can try!"
female: "where are you say is Mandarin?"
male: "we only said plastic mandarin."
female: "you live in the cave?"
man: "no, we live in the mountains."
female: "the mountains? The tiger did not "
male:" don't know, just a few
at my door "girl:" ah! That you do not fear. "
man:" what I fear, my own house "
female:" Huaihua is it right? In Hunan?"
male: "Well! Huaihua is in Hunan province."
female: "you Casio Mens Watches have what good?"
male: "in addition to aircraft flying in heaven, earth along with tanks, we can eat!"
female: "you also eat raw meat?"
male: "our boss invented the wedding dresses earliest people, we are now eat barbecue."
female: "that is too good, next time I go to Huaihua to play, to stay in your house."
man:"...... No problem, but a little far away from my home town."
female:... How far
male: "I don't know. The train may be 3 days or so"
female: "how do you go to school?"
male: "school shuttle bus"
female: "what car?"
male: "it's hard to say, sometimes tanks sometimes armored car"
female: "it must be a long time to?"
male: "the habit, six months in advance of the line!"
female: "there is a mess?"
male: "don't mess, killing is commonplace"
female: "your marriage is monogamous?"
man: "no, we each man can marry a 10 wife."
female: "it's not ~ ~ ~ that you now have several wife?"
man: "I now have 12 wife, after graduation to remarry 3."
female: "scared to death! 12 is not enough ah? How to marry the 3, didn't you say that every Bridesmaid Dresses man can only marry a 10?" Male: "
10 isn't much, I want to marry a few will have several, because my father is the village head!"
female: "you are there to the Ching Bijoux Charms Pas Cher Ming to the tomb of the martyrs incense?"
men: "we have here no tomb, I just go shakily sacrificial fathers."
female: "that your ancestors also burn paper money and set off firecrackers?"
man: "no, we are all burn the yuan, tacchi christian louboutin also do not set off firecrackers, we are down to throw grenades!"
female: "Huaihua is the phone?" Male: "Huaihua >
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